About us

A unique soy candle, from Athens to the world.

Athènes, Athens, Aθήνα
Our home and one of the world’s oldest cities.

A small corner of the earth where the flame of philosophy and democracy was first lit. A place where beautiful minds lived and worked. A land of poetry, theater, science, great thought and well-being.

However, you most likely already know this.

What you don’t know is that Athens still inspires its people to create.
It can still light flames and build dreams and ambitions… d’Athènes was ours.

And here we are today, in this small metropolis, collecting the finest material from around the globe to create one of the world’s finest candles.

A small gift from Athens to the world. A great gift to yourself or your beloved ones.

100% Pure Soy Wax

Soy wax is the main material that differentiates our candles and makes them so unique. In comparison with the vastly used paraffin, a petroleum derivative, our soy wax is a 100% natural product from soy oil, non-toxic and super friendly to the environment and to human health.

A special material and therefore very demanding, as it requires a delicate human touch for preparing each candle. Imagine that!

But, so worth it.

Our Fragrances

Upon our efforts and multiple trials, we finally achieved what we were looking for!

We have exclusively selected our fragrances to sensationally stimulate our most primitive sense, the sense of smell, using the finest aromatic oils from the best candle perfumers from Switzerland and France.

Upon this selection, you will find aromas that range from red and black berries, blossomed magnolias and sea breeze to rich vanilla, coconut cream and spicy ginger.

Chic, subtle, romantic, sensual, delicious.


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