Scents of Delight

Sweet, warm and sugary scents for true bliss. Light them up and feel like Christmas all year round. See Products

Coffee lover

Freshly brewed coffee aroma aided by its complimenting sweet nuance of rich milk cream and topped with a dash of vanilla.
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Cookie crumble

Hot and soft and fudgy and delicious. Cookie dough, sugar, syrup and chocolate chip. Can this aroma be any more inviting?
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Mastiha drops

From the island of Chios to your living room. The unique mastiha tree of Chios brings a special and delicate extract of pure mastiha resin paired divinely with vanilla in an authentic Greek blend.
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Cinnamon rolls

The enchanting, appetizing aroma of sweet cinnamon will fill your room with happiness and your senses with delight. Uplifting, harmonious and warm.
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Scotch Toffee

Winter nights, sitting by the fireplace and watching the snowflakes dancing outside your window. That’s the feeling of this cozy, boozy scent. Tangy whiskey notes and melting caramel in a comforting, delicious mix and match.
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Almond brûlée

Crème de la crème of the perfumery. Sumptuous almond essential oil extract, paired with Crème brûlée aroma together in a heavenly sweet and salty blend.
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Scents of Eden

If you ever wondered how it smells in Paradise, try this collection. Juicy, fresh, delicious fruits disguised in beautiful candles that will make you want to… take a bite!See Products

Scents of Gods

Luxurious, rich aromas that will make your room smell like a high street boutique! So chic! See Products

Scents of Life

A collection of fresh, lively scents that will fill your place with euphoria. Light them up and feel the enlightenment! See Products

Scents of Nature

A freshly cut bouquet of beautiful flowers. A walk in the great outdoors. It feels like everlasting spring! See Products