Scents of Eden

If you ever wondered how it smells in Paradise, try this collection. Juicy, fresh, delicious fruits disguised in beautiful candles that will make you want to… take a bite!See Products

Orange crust

Think of a winter’s afternoon, baking a sponge orange cake in the oven... Sweet orange with a dash of freshly ground cinnamon in a cozy, warm blend that will bring back childhood memories.
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Sorbet lovers

Juicy mango slices diving into a bowl of inviting red strawberries. A happy fragrance with a summerish touch and a playful tone.
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Coconut cream

You are swinging in a hammock, getting dazzled by this rich coconut aroma softened by gentle vanilla cream. Oh, so dreamy and enchanting.
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Summer figs

Lavish fragrances of mellow, honeyed figs that will take you back to that sweet summer afternoon under a blossomed fig tree, somewhere in Greece. Calm and balanced fruit notes for a serene atmosphere.
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Papaya relish

Pure, fleshy papaya in an exotic, unspoiled aroma, right out of the fruit! Fresh and tropical, uplifting and exciting! Just Papaya.
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Berry Basket

A romantic day in the fields, choosing the most juicy and luscious fruits. Red and black berries in a super aromatic combo for an instant boost.
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Scents of Delight

Sweet, warm and sugary scents for true bliss. Light them up and feel like Christmas all year round. See Products

Scents of Gods

Luxurious, rich aromas that will make your room smell like a high street boutique! So chic! See Products

Scents of Life

A collection of fresh, lively scents that will fill your place with euphoria. Light them up and feel the enlightenment! See Products

Scents of Nature

A freshly cut bouquet of beautiful flowers. A walk in the great outdoors. It feels like everlasting spring! See Products