Scents of Life

A collection of fresh, lively scents that will fill your place with euphoria. Light them up and feel the enlightenment! See Products

Salty Skin

Feel the sea breeze gently caressing your face. Imagine a refreshing dive in the eternal blue of the Aegean. Smell the island in a sea inspired perfume of mild wood sage notes and briny tang of raw sea salt.
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Ginger Sour

Spicy ginger with a touch of lemon flower. The sharp yet light ginger pairs perfectly with the citric acid notes, creating a sweet and sour perfume that instantly refreshes your surroundings.
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Indian Sandalwood notes of sweet and woody tonalities. An essential oil transformed into a harmonious candle, ideal for wide, open spaces that need some extra character.
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Herb Tea

Simple, lighthearted and clean. A healing spearmint and tea tree infusion for inside and outside balance and purification.
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White Tea

The gentle touch of the aristocratic white tea flower. A revitalizing and clean scent of sweet and crisp tones that will give your mood a good lift.
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Aromatherapy in a jar. An anti-stress, calming scent of delicate ylang ylang flowery notes with a touch of ginseng and a heart of chamomile. Pure and sacred, for an overflow of euphoria and positive stimulation.
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Scents of Delight

Sweet, warm and sugary scents for true bliss. Light them up and feel like Christmas all year round. See Products

Scents of Eden

If you ever wondered how it smells in Paradise, try this collection. Juicy, fresh, delicious fruits disguised in beautiful candles that will make you want to… take a bite!See Products

Scents of Gods

Luxurious, rich aromas that will make your room smell like a high street boutique! So chic! See Products

Scents of Nature

A freshly cut bouquet of beautiful flowers. A walk in the great outdoors. It feels like everlasting spring! See Products