Scents of Nature

A freshly cut bouquet of beautiful flowers. A walk in the great outdoors. It feels like everlasting spring! See Products

Blooming Magnolias

The creamy sweet scent of Magnolia with a light citrus nuance. Noble and evocative, fills the atmosphere with graciousness.
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Gardenia Hills

A white flower bouquet in your vase! Gardenia’s innocence ushered by brisk cypress’ notes in a surprisingly refreshing blend.
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Belle de Nuit

An intimate scent of contentment. The ultimate evening primrose. Pure and untouched, mythical and divine. How can such a tiny flower be so rich of essential oils and aroma?
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Rose Garden

Large and elegant roses, exploding in blossom. A sweet retro scent with memories of your grandmother’s homemade rose liquor in her favorite crystal decanter.
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Honey Jasmine

A sensual embrace of honeysuckle’s nectarous tonality with jasmine’s mystique. Light it at the fall of the night for an evening with a Mediterranean nuance.
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Pink Vanilla

Pink musk essential oils with subtle vanilla drops. Exquisite! A tender, fragile and delicate scent, ideal for moments of relaxation and meditation.
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Scents of Delight

Sweet, warm and sugary scents for true bliss. Light them up and feel like Christmas all year round. See Products

Scents of Eden

If you ever wondered how it smells in Paradise, try this collection. Juicy, fresh, delicious fruits disguised in beautiful candles that will make you want to… take a bite!See Products

Scents of Gods

Luxurious, rich aromas that will make your room smell like a high street boutique! So chic! See Products

Scents of Life

A collection of fresh, lively scents that will fill your place with euphoria. Light them up and feel the enlightenment! See Products